Stage Plays by Emil Sher

  • Hana's Suitcase

    A suitcase belonging to Hana Brady, a young Jewish Czech girl who perished in the Holocaust, is at the heart of a powerful, true story that unites the past and the present, Tokyo and Toronto, and two remarkable individuals: Fumiko Ishioka and George Brady. The beloved bestseller by Karen Levine is brought to life on stage.

  • The Boy in the Moon

    Weaving humour and searing honesty, author Ian Brown chronicled a life-changing journey that began when his son Walker was born with “an impossibly rare genetic mutation”, a journey that now unfolds onstage.

  • Beneath the Banyan Tree

    For young Anjali, the journey from India to Canada has been colourful…and complicated… Dance, music, movement and puppets are woven into Beneath the Banyan Tree, a vibrant tale about the challenges — and rewards — of adapting to a new country.

  • Mourning Dove

    Could taking a child’s life in the name of love ever be justified? Do a parent’s responsibilities and a child’s needs always intersect? A controversial and challenging play that explores age-old questions.

  • Bluenose

    What happens when three clumsy, colonizing, red-nosed pirates named Ratt, Spatt and Knat haul in a catch called Ku? Bad enough Ku has a different culture, different language and different perspective. Worse still, Ku has a blue nose.

  • Sanctuary

    She smokes a pipe, wears men’s clothes and wants to be alone. He’s laid claim to her private retreat in an isolated part of a park. Philip can’t figure June out: Is she fiery and independent, or spinning out of control?

  • derailed cast


    Tunnels. Blackouts. Fantasies. Untold desires. Set on the confines of a train compartment, a businessman arranges for his wife and mistress to join him under false pretenses. As the play unfolds we discover his agenda, and what lies at the end of the journey.

  • Edward the 'Crazy Man'

    Edward lives with schizophrenia and makes music and outfits from cast-off items. Charlie is a local kid who makes waves when he befriends Edward. Adapted from Marie Day’s book of the same name, Edward the ‘Crazy Man’ chronicles an enduring bond shaped by laughter, loss and hubcaps.

  • The Book of Ashes

    Inspired by true events, The Book of Ashes chronicles the bond between a young boy and the Iraqi librarian who saved over 30,000 books as foreign troops stormed the city of Basra in 2003.