Come Gather ’round, People Wherever You Roam

A Reading of Previous Works and Works-in-Progress

A cop’s courtroom testimony. A girl and a goldfish. A mother’s confounding hopes. A young singer-songwriter who is singing the blues.  A man of faith who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You’re invited to meet all of the above and others during a reading of my previous works and works-in-progress on Thursday, February 25th at 7:30 p.m.  Stage plays, fiction, non-fiction: expect a grab bag of genres and excerpts.  You can stay for a while or stay for the hour. You can be a part of it, too.

How, you ask? 

I’ll be giving a sneak peek at some sketches and artwork by the wonderful Barbara Reid, so beloved and acclaimed there’s a school named after her. Barbara’s marvellous plasticine artwork will be married to my text for a picture book that’s coming out in Spring 2022 from Scholastic Canada.  It’s called I Love You More, and it’s told through word play that I first shared in letters to my daughters when they spent their summers at a sleepover camp.

I love you more than runways love planes.  More than easels love paintings.  More than answers love question marks.  Soon my daughters ended their letters in the same way. I love you more than sponges love spills. More than patches love holes.  More than graters love cheese.

This kind of word game always comes in pairs, and in a certain order: the second part of the pair makes the first part feel happy because it feels needed.  I love you more than mistakes love erasers isn’t wrong but it isn’t quite right.  A mistake doesn’t have to be erased.  It can be circled, crossed out, maybe sent to its room.  But when an eraser sees a mistake, it jumps for you (if erasers could jump).  You’re the reason I get out of bed! the eraser shouts (if erasers shouted and slept in beds).   Whenever you think of a pairing of words, start with the half that feels valued by the other half: I love you more than erasers love mistakes.

So here’s the deal: send me your “I Love You More Than…” and I’ll read some or all of ‘em, depending on whether they amount to a trickle or an avalanche.  Please send your submission to by February 23, and be sure to put I Love You More in the subject line.  And feel free to send more than one.

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This reading is generously sponsored by The Writers’ Union of Canada