Radio Plays

Articles of Faith

A chain-smoking, straight-talking grandmother kidnaps her deeply religious granddaughter to prevent her from being taken to Mexico for non-traditional cancer treatment. But the child’s belief in God cannot be hijacked as easily, and the grandmother must come to terms with what that means for her beloved granddaughter, and herself.

Brutally Frank

A man serves a jail sentence for killing a prostitute. Upon his release, he writes a best-selling account chronicling his journey as a way of offering insights into a murderous mind. His publisher is delighted about the book’s sales. The younger sister of his victim – now a grown woman – is determined not to let her sister’s murderer profit in any way from a brutal death, but at what cost?

Denial is a River

Hannah Kane is a soft-spoken school teacher who unknowingly contracts HIV from her husband. The husband himself had received the infected blood during a heart operation, and had never been informed by his doctor. Ethics and compassion collide when Hannah takes on a paternalistic medical establishment and the Red Cross in a battle that saw her own life end prematurely.

Mourning Dove

Inspired by the story of Robert Latimer, the Saskatchewan farmer who made headlines when he was convicted for the death of his severely handicapped daughter, Mourning Dove explores the highly-charged issues involving mercy killings. Doug Ramsay believes he is acting in his daughter’s best interests when he takes her life. What he doesn’t anticipate is the fallout from his decision.

Past Imperfect

A celebrated Canadian who has long served the cause of social justice is about to receive a humanitarian award from a leading Jewish organization in recognition of a lifetime of good works. But then a dark moment from the activist’s past returns to haunt him, in a play that explores where the boundaries of forgiveness and the road to redemption intersect.

Sibling Rivalry

What happens in the future world, when couples are allowed only one child? A second pregnancy can become a time of terror rather than joy, because the government has teams of enforcers who will kidnap and dispose of the extra children. Families must take desperate measures — they can emigrate to a depopulated Africa, or they can eke out an existence in marginal areas. Or they can hide…