Emil has several screenplays in development but, then again, so do most restaurant servers in L.A. He has had the distinct pleasure of seeing one of those screenplays make it to the big screen: Café Olé is a romantic comedy directed by Richard Roy that garnered a 2002 Top Ten Award from the Writers Guild of Canada.

As for smaller screens, Emil wrote the eighteen webisodes featured in Inside Hana’s Suitcase, the acclaimed interactive experience that takes visitors through the remarkable story first chronicled in a non-fiction book by Karen Levine and later told in a documentary by Larry Weinstein. Footage from this documentary — also titled Inside Hana’s Suitcase — became the foundation for the webisodes.

With years of experience as a child where The Friendly Giant and Bugs Bunny were an essential part of the landscape, Emil was happy to return to the world of children’s television and animation, writing scripts for such shows as Polka Dot Shorts, Hippo Tub, and Willa’s Wildlife.