Café Olé

Home page - screen imageEmbraced as one of the most popular Canadian films when it premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2000, Café Olé was honoured as one of the top ten scripts in 2001 by the Writers Guild of Canada. It’s now out on video. If it’s not available at your favourite video store, please hound them until it is.

“Boldly going where few Canadian films have gone before, Café Olé…begins a brave new journey to a place where love can finally transcend language.”

— Katherine Monk, CBC Radio

The cosy and ever-welcoming Monkland Boulevard in Montreal. Malcolm’s entire universe revolves around it, between the video store where he works and the Café Olé, a funky little coffee shop which has grown into his home away from home. He stands at the center of a small constellation of colourful characters, to whom he devotes most of his time: his neighbour Mrs. Baron, who likes to indulge in nostalgic memories of her past while listening to him play the piano; his friend Sal, a lonely widower who shares his passion for the movies; his sad and quiet neighbour Sharon, an abused woman who tries to cope with a jealous husband; and, last but not least, his brother Larry and sister-in-law Karen, who always try to fix him up with the ideal woman. After a series of hopeless dates, he runs into Alicia, a beautiful young Chilean woman who works at a bookstore across town. Before long, he understands that she is the one he has been waiting for his whole life. But Alicia’s secret will knock Malcolm’s ordered and uneventful little world completely off balance. Soon, he finds himself facing very complex choices.

“That rarest of Canadian subspecies, the genuinely sexy romantic comedy…Slinky guitar music, hot love scenes, funky Montreal locations and warmhearted humour… Café Olé has just enough of everything to keep audiences amused.”

— Ken Eisner, Variety

“What I loved about the film was its many varied characters who each have something poignant to say about love and relationships.”

— Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard

“The main story in Café Olé is lovely, and so is all the stuff around the edges… Skip Pearl Harbour and see Café Olé.”

— Liz Braun, Toronto Sun

“What makes Café Olé such a charming romantic comedy is its ability to depict characters and locations with such authenticity.”

— Kim Allison,

“A gratifyingly adult meditation on the universal need for companionship, and the desperation of those who either don’t have it, or are terrified of losing it.”

— Norman Wilner, Today

“A romantic comedy that has some dramatic moments, Café Olé is a great film to lighten the heart.”

— Pamela Francis,

“Charming, sexy…and funny.”

— Brendan Kelley, Gazette

“Emil Sher’s script is fun and fresh.”

— Catharine Tunacliffe, eye weekly




Radio Canada

“A beautiful love story.”