Audience Feedback – Hana’s Suitcase

“What a stunning, controversial, heart rending and enjoyable play to attend. It drove home several messages that we have been trying to teach our son for years. After the show…my wife and I sat for two hours answering questions that my son had concerning the war, the Holocaust, my dad fighting in the war, religion, tolerance, current events, the Middle East and philosophy. He was still clarifying some of our answers this morning. Wow, did that play ever kick a door open in his mind. It was live theater as it should be…My son has grown by leaps and bounds in the last twenty-four hours.”

Norm Boyle, father of 11-year old Steven
Winnipeg, November 2006

“My hat is off to all involved with Hana’s Suitcase. The play was so creatively written, the actors were, each and every one, outstanding, and the powerful story was portrayed and honored by the quality of the production… I hope this is just the beginning for this amazing play. It is an experience all should have the opportunity to behold. I have had the opportunity to talk with parents lately, some of whom have been wondering if this topic and particular story are appropriate for fifth grade students. …My daughter would say it’s not too much. She has really found it fascinating and interesting, and yes, troubling too. However, she really gets the reason that has been articulated over and over again. She just said it to me this morning that children have to learn about it so that it will never happen again. Empowering children with this kind of knowledge and experience is unforgettable and will change their perceptions forever.”

Brenda Watt, mother of 11-year old Kristin
St. Louis, January 2007