Edward the ‘Crazy Man’ Reviews

“This play is a great outing for families who not only appreciate the arts in their households, but who also want to give their children a venue to speak openly about their questions, fears and confusion surrounding mental illness and even homelessness.”

Today’s Parent

“The play packs a wallop for both children and adults… It may sound heavy, but the play Edward the ‘Crazy Man’ manages to impart important lessons for young people… At the well-attended performance, there were a significant number of children, very young ones, in fact, who asked very searching questions at the Q&A.”

Classical 96.3 FM

“Emil Sher’s play, adapted from a book of the same name by Marie Day, is a portrait of a schizophrenic, and an examination of his relationship with some neighbouring children. The play is very good. The two principals are very well drawn, both in writing and performance… Here, writing and acting leave us wanting more in a good way.”

National Post

“A wonderfully compassionate look at Edward, including a glimpse of the person he was before he had to deal with depression. “Sometimes,” Edward acknowledges, “it’s hard being me.”… The play’s bittersweet ending leaves lots of room for discussion.”

NOW Magazine

“One of the most moving plays that I have ever seen… As soon as it started my heart was into the play… If you looked through the shell of the man he once was, you saw a passionate, intelligent man.”


“Emil Sher’s adaptation… is a hopeful look at mental illness, homelessness and second chances.”

Toronto Life