Derailed- Reviews

“A wonderful piece of physical theatre and wordplay that explores the desire and competition of relationships.”

Jon Kaplan, NOW (Fringe review)

“Meaning and movement are often juxtaposed, with hilarious and visually stunning results.”

Myra Friedlander, Toronto Star

“An elegant little premise…This show is a really nice, physically well-executed piece. Fine acting, and a lot of business keep the ball rolling at a hundred miles an hour.”

 Chris Winsor, Arts Tonight

“An intelligent, darkly funny script…The production’s physical, clown-flavoured performance style…well suits Emil Sher’s stylized, playful and often sharply pointed text.”

H.J. Kirchhoff, The Globe and Mail

“An express train to fine theatrical entertainment, Derailed detours only to add humanity to its comic figures. Set in the 50s, Emil Sher’s script uses a shorthand of language and emotion to look at a confining social period and a confining series of relationships.”

 Jon Kaplan, NOW

“A quirky, stylized, comedy noir. Perfectly — and tellingly — set in the 1950s aboard a train…the action unfolds through stylized movement and episodic dialogue that is as tortured and fragile as pressed glass. Constantly approaching each other at conversational right angles, the four players slowly use the fast-moving present to construct a past and a future to underscore the emptiness that binds them.

John Coulbourn, Toronto Sun