Hana’s Suitcase On Stage

Hana's Suitcase on Stage play by Emil SherSecond Story Press has combined Karen Levine’s original story and Emil’s play into a special edition titled Hana’s Suitcase on Stage, published in February 2006.

“Best of the Year 2006 (Non-fiction, Grades K- 6)”

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“As with the original book, this title succeeds in re-creating a striking representation of one child’s tragic and beautiful life in a terrifying world of hate and prejudice. This volume will serve as one of the most effective teaching models for Holocaust curriculums available.”

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**** (out of 4) “A simply written, but powerful, teaching tool for middle and even high school students….The spare language adds emphasis to the emotion and the fear of the unknown…Teachers can use it as part of a teaching unit on racism, World War II [or] the Holocaust.”

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***** (out of 5) “The definitive version for those interested in reading this remarkable story for the first time…In Emil Sher’s play version, the story is the same, but brought vividly to life by his playwriting. Perfect either as a story to read or as inspiration for a school drama club, this is the play that you don’t want to miss.”


“Elie Wiesel has emphasized time and again that “we must always remember the children, frightened and forlorn, all part of a nocturnal procession walking towards the flames, rising to the highest heavens.” How do we remember the one-and-a-half-million Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust? How do we teach children about this era? Karen Levine’s Hana’s Suitcase and Emil Sher’s Hana’s Suitcase on Stage, which is based on Levine’s work, are both sensitive and powerful answers to these questions.”

Canadian Literature

The play version of this touching story carries the same meaning and feelings that the story did. I only wish I could have gone to Toronto and seen the play, it would have been truly wonderful, and I’m sure that it was just as wonderful as the script.

“I really like how they’ve re-released Hana’s Suitcase, with the story and script in one book. It’s really neat to be able to compare the story and the script, the similarities and the differences. I would recommend this special story for children, ages 11 and up… I’d give Hana’s Suitcase: On Stage five stars out of five.”

— Meaghan, 14 KidsWWrite
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